Inside the Bubble

This project happened spontaneously...just bubbled up, you might say...after I attended an unusual number of regulatory meetings in 2017, knowing other commitments were likely to keep me occupied in 2018.  When I returned home, I discovered I had a number of things on my mind related to what I'd heard during my time inside the bubble.  So I jotted some of them down and posted them to LinkedIn. 

In 2018 I was able to attend one meeting late in the year, my hands-down favorite meeting of all time, the Patient Engagement Advisory Committee meeting. As usual, I returned home with some things to mull over.  So I posted about it as well.  By 2019, I was already primed.

As of now, I don't know if I will ever be able visit the bubble again.  I have no enthusiasm for virtual meetings, nor for masked gatherings, nor for social distancing at what is not a social event.  And, as a matter of professionalism, I will never be vaccinated with any of the Warped Speed vaccines.  If there will be no more trips inside the bubble for me, I will miss it.  The Patient Engagement Advisory Committee meeting...I will miss it all the way to my marrow.

Just click on a bubble to read all about it.  Oh, and yes, my bubblicious commentary is in my usual Watchcatty style, so much so that my personal pandemic conspiracy theory is that, after my 2019 commentary, some of the players were so eager to keep me from attending any more of their meetings, they literally unleashed a plague upon the earth to prevent it.  Perhaps a bit of an extreme measure, but I won't go far as to say an entirely irrational one.

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